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Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah, two great actors of Hindi cinema, are as good friends as they are. The friendship of both is years old. There was a phase in this friendship when once Om Puri clashed with a knife-armed attacker to save Naseeruddin Shah’s life. The incident took place outside a restaurant in Mumbai.

Om saved my life

Actually this incident is from the year 1977. An old friend of Naseeruddin Shah had attacked him outside a restaurant in Mumbai. Referring to this incident in his autobiography, he has written that as soon as I was attacked, Om Puri pounced on the attacker and overpowered him. Later he was also taken to the hospital.

old friend did

Naseeruddin told that, we were shooting for the film role then. Me and Om were having dinner and during that time Jaspal reached there with whom I was having a tussle for some time. Jaspal said hi hello to Om while we both ignored each other. After some time I felt the pricking of some sharp object in my waist. Then we saw Jaspal standing in front of us with a knife stained with blood.

After a long time we reached the hospital

He further wrote that, as soon as Jaspal tried to strike again, Om and two more people overpowered him. After this, Om also got into trouble with the restaurant manager who was waiting for the police before taking me to the hospital. Then when the police came, after a long struggle, we reached Cooper Hospital.

Both had studied acting together

Actually Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah used to study together at the Film and Television Institute of India. Along with this, both have also done a great job in many films. Veteran actor Om Puri passed away in the year 2017.

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