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  • Companies Wary Of New Variants Of Covid, Employees Requesting To Return To The Office

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  • Problems faced by companies in terms of productivity, innovation and collaboration of employees
  • Leaving the decision to return to the office, giving extension to the virtual or hybrid model
  • The problem of the employees doing WFH, the house is getting smaller, the privacy of the family members is disturbed

There are many variants of Kovid-19 coming one after the other, which are proving to be more infectious and deadly than before. Despite this, many Indian companies want to see the same hustle and bustle in their offices as before. They seem to be taking no lessons from global tech companies such as LinkedIn and Google, which are deferring their intention to call their staff to office for the time being. But it is not so, because such requests are being made by the employees of Indian companies themselves due to the breach in the privacy of their family. Companies are scared of a possible third wave and are currently considering whether to reopen offices now or wait till the end of the year.

Most big companies close to full vaccination

As far as vaccination is concerned, most employees of most large companies have had at least the first vaccination. By July 30, 83% of JSW Steel employees had been vaccinated and the company expected the rest to be vaccinated by 31. In giants like Reliance Industries (RIL), Hindustan Unilever (HUL) and Larsen & Toubro (L&T), more than 90% of the employees have been vaccinated this week. Last week, 98% of RIL employees while 90% of FMCG giant HUL had received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Companies extending the virtual or hybrid model

In such a situation, you must be curious to know what the companies are planning regarding the work. She is leaving the decision to return to the employee’s office, but for the time being, she is thinking of extending the virtual or hybrid model till the next decision. According to him, the hybrid model is helping the employees to strike a balance between work and life, but the productivity, collaboration and innovation of the employees are facing problems. At the CII HR Conclave 2021 on Thursday, Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman, 5F World and Honeywell Automation India, said that work from home is affecting the lives of family members of the employee.

55% of the employees are facing the problem of lack of productivity

In this context, the results of several studies by the Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA) show that MNCs are taking steps. They are preferring the hybrid model as they do not mind working from home with most of the staff, but there is a contradiction in this trend. According to a survey report by global research firm 451Research, 55% of employees feel that they are able to do less work than usual at home. Therefore, it is necessary to create a balance, that is, after the office opens, the employee should be allowed to work from home from time to time.

60% like hybrid models, 20% always want WFH

According to the Work from Home & Productivity report on 10,000 IT professionals in Asia in May, employee productivity has decreased by 20% since March 2020. Apart from this, 60% of the employees prefer the hybrid model while 20% want to work from home forever. But the employees also face problems related to lack of separate room, low internet connection speed, apart from lack of productivity in WFH. According to Manish Sabharwal, chairman and co-founder of TeamLease, that is why companies want the staff to come to the office and work.

Google extends voluntary WFH till October 18

Abroad, voices calling for staff at Apple, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are gaining ground. On Wednesday itself, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said in a message to the employees that those who want to come and work on campus, they will have to get vaccinated first. He also said that the voluntary work from home policy has been extended till October 18. Last week, Infosys also told employees that they can start work from office if they want. The company says that many employees are requesting to be allowed to come to the office.

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