Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

This year’s event was to be held in July 2021, but to guarantee the safety of participants, Ducati has decided to postpone it to next year.

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This year’s edition of the World Ducati Week has been postponed till 2022

Ducati has decided to postpone this year’s edition of the World Ducati Week, an annual worldwide gathering of Ducati fans and owners. The reason for postponing the event is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with uncertainties regarding what the local public health and safety situation will be like in July. The World Ducati Week is a gathering of thousands of Ducatisti, fans of the Ducati brand. With cross-border travel restrictions still in place from many countries, and also the risk of organizing a gathering of that scale, has led to Ducati deciding to put off this year’s event.

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The World Ducati Week is an annual gathering of Ducati riders and fans from across the world

“World Ducati Week is the celebration of all Ducati. Thousands, from all over the world, gather on the Riviera Romagnola to celebrate and share the great passion for Ducati,” the Italian brand announced.

“We hoped to be able to organize the event in July 2021 but the reality is that today it would not be possible to guarantee the serenity and safety necessary to realize the great party we want for so many people. This is why, unfortunately, we have decided to postpone the next edition of World Ducati Week to 2022, when we can all celebrate together. We will do everything to make the next edition even more memorable and engaging. Because a party can be postponed, but the passion never stops!”

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Many countries around the world are coming out of lockdowns, and people are taking off masks, particularly in countries where the majority of the population is inoculated. However, the fact of the matter is that the virus is very much around, and there is still risk of exposure, and the fear of new, more resistant strains ever present. The world’s largest motorcycle show, the EICMA 2021, is set to be held in Italy in November this year. But planning events, especially involving large gatherings, are still under a cloud of uncertainty, and will likely remain like that for sometime.

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