Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

New Delhi: Indian spinner bowler Kuldeep Yadav’s form has been going bad for a long time. Neither are they getting opportunities in the IPL nor a place in Team India. In such a situation, Kuldeep Yadav is missing Dhoni. Kuldeep Yadav believes that he is missing the guidance of former captain and wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni that he used to get from Dhoni. Dhoni and Kuldeep have not played any matches for India since late 2019. Although he has announced his retirement from last year’s international cricket.

Kuldeep said in an interview to The Indian Express, “Sometimes I miss the guidance of Mahi Bhai, because he had a lot of experience. He used to guide us from behind the wicket, constantly shouting. We missed his experience. Rishabh Pant is now in his place, he will be able to give us more input in the future as he plays. I always feel that every bowler needs a partner who can respond from the other end. “

Kuldeep played 23 ODIs in 2019, while in 2020 and 2021, he has played only seven ODIs so far. Dhoni said goodbye to international cricket on 15 August 2020. He played his last match in July 2019.

The wrist spinner said, “When Mahi Bhai was in the team, me and Yuzvendra Chahal were playing. Since Mahi Bhai has gone, I and Chahal have not played matches together. I got a chance to play only a few matches. I must have played a total of 10 matches, in which I also took a hat-trick. If you look at my performance, my performance was fine. “


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