Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

It is said that beauty is God-given and Madhubala is so beautiful God gave immense beauty. Whose fans were not known in that era. People know a lot about his career, films and his last time, but very few people will know about his childhood. Today we will tell you some special things related to his childhood which his younger sister himself shared with everyone.

Brother and sister used to say mid-morning vanity

It is said that Madhubala was number 5 out of 10 siblings, that is why she was called mid-temper at home. All his siblings used to call him as a middle ape. At that time she must have been only 7 years old and she used to stand at the doors of the studio. She used to look here and feel things very carefully. But who knew at that time that the steps that stop till the frame of the studio would ever come within it and leave such an impression that Madhubala will be remembered for centuries.

Other sisters were afraid to walk with their sister

Myself Madhubala His sister once told this story that he used to get very nervous about going somewhere with his elder sister Madhubala. When Madhubala came to know about this, he asked her about why this is so, then she told that she herself is so beautiful that if we go with her, no one will see us, but Madhubala gave this very beautiful answer. He said that every person has a beauty.

Ruled the industry for 2 decades

At the age of 7, Madhubala used to stand at the door of the studio, Venus Queen of this industry became File photo

In the 60s and 70s, Madhubala had such a shadow on the incineration industry that people had become crazy about her. He did a lot of films during this period, but in these 20 years he had 20 such films which were super hit. And in those films, he was awarded the title of Venus Queen in the industry.

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