Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Former England off-spinner Grahame Swain has told his team that Australia is no longer the best team in the world and hence instead of focusing on that, now it is necessary to focus on how to beat India in India. England have to play a four-Test series with India at home, which starts on 5 February. After this, both teams will play five T20 and three ODIs. Swan said that defeating India in India will be a big achievement.

Swan told English newspaper ‘The Sun’, “England always used to say that the Ashes series is coming. Leave it. If you want to be the best team in the world, then be the best team on this planet, just about defeating Australia Don’t think. We have to move on from the Ashes series. This is in the mindset of this country. Now Australia is not the best team in this country. It used to be earlier. “

He said, “He is no more, but we are surrounded by this. I think that defeating India in India is a big achievement. He has been invincible in his home since 2012.” England defeated India at home in India in 2012 and Swann was an important part of that team.


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